Various - Backwater Sampler Vol 2 - (CD LP)

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Backwater Sampler Vol.2 (Flap on at HQ 2) Buy the new sampler and get the volume 1 free for a limited period, Track Listing- 1.Neverland-Uncle Black. From the Album “Earthling” 2007 2.Someone Hates You-Belinda Gillett. From the Album “Someone Hates You” 2006 3.Lasting Wounds-The Blind Poets. From the Album “Blood from a Stone” 2003 4.Blue Memories- Mike Summers and the Doons. From the EP “King of Tomorrow” 2004 5.A Tape of our Voices-Jamie Clements. From the EP “Sleep Creases” 2004 6.Silly Girl-Kris Hackett. From the EP “Silly Girl” 2005 7.The Pilots of Faith-Exit 13. From the Album “Three” 2004 8.Surely Insecurely-Reb Capper. From the EP “Half Elf” 2010 9.Nineteen-Chris Lockington. From the EP “The Four Tales” 2006 10.Toys From Switzerland-Tiny Clocks. From the EP “Victorian Noise” 2011 11.Zealous- Kate Bannatyne. From the EP “Summer” 2007 12.Don`t Stop That Car on the Railway Line- The Pancakes. From the EP “Pancake of Despair” 2005 13.Fall Asleep Somehow-Holly Johnston. From the EP “Let Go” 2003 14.Long Time Gone-Osian Rhys. From the 7” Single “Long Time Gone” 2012 15.Sea Saw-The Future Kings of England. From the Album “The Viewing Point” 2009