Exit 13 - Exit 13-"Sturmey Archer" - (CD LP)

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THE ALBUM IS CALLED ‘STURMEY ARCHER' AND CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING TRACKS:1. Sleep With Me2. Key and Chain3. Play the Game4. Tune of Love5. The Mountain and the Flood6. Here come the Whalers7. How Many People?8. Song for Emily9. Playing in the Park10. Hard and Soft11. I Should Know12. Radar13. Rusty Train

‘Sturmey Archer' is a return to classic recording techniques (as with previous EXIT 13 releases) and is a subtle concept album about the loss of a slowly disappearing world as seen through a camera loaded with 35mm film. The music has a psyche/folk/pop feel using real instruments, giving the tracks an English feel that cross-fade into each other which would have suited a release on vinyl with a gatefold sleeve.