Blind Poets - Blood from a Stone - (CD LP)

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Blood From a Stone-Second cd album from the Blind Poets.

The Blind Poets followed up their debut album "To Turn a Blind Eye" with "Blood From a Stone" in 2003.The band  drawing from their folk rock 1960's influences.On this album they have elaborated on their live sound utilising a wider range of textures with cello, flute and congas complimenting their new found maturity.As before all songs are co-written by James Rowbotham and Gary Keeble with James taking the lead vocals and writing the tunes whilst Gary provides the lyrics and bass lines.The CD contains many good songs from the opening harmony dominated "Lost in the Wind" to the soft melancholy of "Ryhme or Reason".Closing the album is an affectionate tribute to George Harrison to whom the album is dedicated.