Blind Poets - To Turn a Blind Eye - (CD LP)

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To Turn a Blind Eye is the First CD album from the Blind Poets

Ipswich folk-pop band ‘The Blind Poets' released their debut album ‘To Turn A Blind Eye' on Backwater Records in 2001.  All songs are co-written by James Rowbotham and Gary Keeble, with James taking the lead vocals and writing the tunes, whilst Gary provides the lyrics and the bass lines. The acoustic-flavoured album has been inspired by all the best in country/folk albums over the last 30 odd years, including albums by The Byrds, Dylan, Gene Clarke, and the now obligatory mention of Nick Drake. The inventive acoustic backing uses real instruments, including acoustic guitars! which backs up Gary's original and introspective lyrics.

1.Fallen Upon Deaf Ears

2.Don`t Shoot the Messenger

3.Blissful Twist of Fate

4.Confessions of a Broken Man

5.Ghosts of Defeat

6.Haunted Eyes


8.Looking Back

9.Morning of New Souls

10.Ten Miles Behing

11.For the Sake Of Sanity